The History & Evolution of the Templar Fund

The Templar Fund was the world’s first fully transparent digital asset hedge fund. Launched to the public in November 2018, the fund made history by offering worldwide investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of professional asset management without the requirement of traditional KYC (know-your-customer) hurdles.

In its early stages the Templar Fund traded only one digital asset (Bitcoin) on the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (known as “BitMEX”). Acting as a high frequency market maker, the Templar Fund achieved earnings of 20.471% during 2018 Q4.

Exploding on to the scene with such positive earnings turned heads amongst institutional investors and high net worth individuals (HNWI). The obvious common reaction was: “this must be too good to be true.” As a fully transparent fund, however, the Templar Fund published verifiable records of every trade executed on BitMEX, including a timestamp that skeptical investors could use to verify the validity of the trade.

In addition to the timestamped exchange & blockchain records, the Templar Fund offered a 24/7 live trade stream so that skeptics & investors could actually watch our indicator accounts trade live.

The Templar Fund continued to operate successfully in this manner, growing its retail and institutional clientele during 2019 & early 2020. It achieved returns of:

2019 Q1: 7.750%

2019 Q2: 14.112%

2019 Q3: 10.75%

2019 Q4: 3.473%

2020 Q1: 20.887%

2020 Q2: 3.716%

During the first two quarters of 2020, the Templar Fund looked to expand its investment horizon as copious opportunity for professional market making and asset arbitrage sprang up with the advent of De-Fi (decentralized finance). The timing was advantageous too, as BitMEX was sued by BMA LLC, causing the Templar Fund Manager to become concerned. Deciding that decentralized asset custody & trading was likely to become the popular financial product in the future, and wanting to remain ahead of the competition, the Templar Fund management team decided to expand the fund’s business model to become fully decentralized & even more transparent.

To accomplish this, the Templar Fund moved operations from the Bitcoin to the Ether blockchain in June 2020. Now, for the first time in financial history, interested parties could not only audit every single trade made by the Templar Fund, but could also view treasury data including client deposits, dividend payments and redemptions.

Once on the ETH blockchain, the Templar Fund capitalized by issuing their own investment-grade collateralized stablecoin known as TEMP (click here to view TEMP on the blockchain). For the first time in history, investors could receive a digital stablecoin (pegged 1:1 on the $USD) as collateral for their investment into a third party firm. Here’s how TEMP is used:

For example, if Robert were to invest $10,000 with the Templar Fund, he would be issued 10,000 TEMP to serve as collateral, or a ‘receipt’ of his investment. As long as Robert holds TEMP in his wallet, he is entitled to receive his portion of the Templar Fund’s published dividend. If, say, the Templar Fund were to earn 20% in a calendar quarter, Robert would receive 2,000 TEMP to his wallet address, giving him 12,000 TEMP. He could redeem any or all of his TEMP at any time, effectively ordering a redemption in a decentralized manner (no lock-ups or restrictions).

As the Templar Fund now operated in the Ether ecosphere, it continued to be successful by earning clients 19.323% (2020 Q3) for a total net compounded return on equity of 115.464% since November 2018.

As a decentralized, professionally-managed digital currency hedge fund, the Templar Fund welcomes every person on earth to join its operation. There are no KYC requirements, no interviews or no applications. Investors can even join the Templar Fund with as little as $0.000000000000000001 USD.

To make a deposit, potential investors should visit the How to Invest page at There investors will find explainer videos, easy to understand instructions & a professionally-produced webinar that answers every possible question.

The world’s first blockchain transparent hedge fund that protects investors against loss using a stablecoin. Since 2018 we’ve earned investors 149.738% net ROE.