Templar Fund Announces 2021 Q3 Earnings of 15.329%

SEP 30, 2021 — Today the Templar Fund announced 2021 Q3 earnings of 15.329%.

In the Q3 Earnings Report, the Templar Fund Manager describes the Q3 results:

“The 2021 third quarter was an interesting one. As noted in our previous Earnings Report, the staff and I are keeping a close watch on the legal status of Tether Limited, as well as its relationship with Bitfinex in order to appropriately manage investor risk. This quarter saw very unnatural volume and price profiles. There was an unprecedented period from July 21 through August 15. We did capture one third of the movement, but due to regulatory concerns and irregular volume patterns, I made the decision to reduce our trade exposure. While this did not capture the entire move, I am more than happy with a 15.329% return for our investors this quarter. We were properly hedged during the two irregular selloff periods that occurred in September.”

Continuing about the Fund’s 2021 Q4 outlook, the Templar Fund Manager added:

“I expect the fourth quarter to continue irregular volume and price action, as it seems the regulatory pressure on Tether, Bitfinex, Binance, Coinbase and Circle continues to increase with the latest SEC Chief scheduled to appear before US Congress in the coming weeks. Accordingly, I have further tightened our risk profile. Investors can expect positive, yet possibly lower returns in 2021’s fourth quarter unless positive regulatory news emerges.”


The Templar Fund was founded in 2018 as the original anonymous blockchain transparent hedge fund. Welcoming investors of any experience with any size of investment, the Templar Fund utilizes a token known as TEMP to provide complete anonymity and transparency. Every trade made by the Templar Fund, including all deposit, dividend & redemption activity, can be seen on the ETH blockchain. Investors do not need to trust audits or fund-generated statements; instead, they can verify all Templar Fund activity on the public blockchain.

To learn more about the Templar Fund, including a complete tutorial about how to become a client & earn profit, you can watch the 24 minute Templar Fund’s 2021 webinar or visit https://templar.fund

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