Templar Fund Announces 2020 Earnings of 74.050%

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DEC 31, 2020 (New York City, NY) — Today the announced 2020 Q4 earnings of 30.124% and non-compounded 2020 annual earnings of 74.050%.

In the , the Manager describes the Q4 results:

The final quarter of 2020 (Q4) was the ’s best performing quarter on record. This occurred as a result of several factors: (1) we established well-balanced market exposure in 2020 Q2 and 2020 Q3 in anticipation for asset appreciation; (2) we expanded and fine tuned our yield farming operation to the UniSwap ETH/MTA pair, which netted more than 15% in additional earnings.

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Continuing about the Fund’s 2021 outlook, the Manager added:

Looking ahead to 2021, I expect a lower amount of annualized volatility in the ETH market. To increase our exposure to volatility, we will continue to remain exposed to the MTA spot market, using careful ETH hedges to manage risk. Not only will this result in improved volatility, it will also allow us to capture 20–30% in yield farming simultaneously. I expect continued excellent performance in 2021, with possibly the majority of trade activity achieved in Q2 and Q3. I expect 2021 Q1 to be a bit quiet but still able to yield positive results. Additionally, investors should be aware that our TEMP insurance protection now exceeds 200%, meaning investors are covered in the event of a 60% market move against our unhedged positions (if any are present, which is unlikely).


The was founded in 2018 as the original anonymous blockchain transparent hedge fund. Welcoming investors of any experience with any size of investment, the utilizes a token known as TEMP to provide complete anonymity and transparency. Every trade made by the , including all deposit, dividend & redemption activity, can be seen on the . Investors do not need to trust audits or fund-generated statements; instead, they can verify all activity on the public blockchain.

To learn more about the Templar Fund, including a complete tutorial about how to become a client & earn profit, you can watch the 24 minute or visit .

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The world’s first blockchain transparent hedge fund that protects investors against loss using a stablecoin. Since 2018 we’ve earned investors 149.738% net ROE.

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