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JUN 30, 2021 — Today the Templar Fund announced 2021 Q2 earnings of 12.144%.

In the Q2 Earnings Report, the Templar Fund Manager describes the Q2 results:

MAR 31, 2021 (New York City, NY) — Today the Templar Fund announced 2021 Q1 earnings of 15.440%.

In the Q1 Earnings Report, the Templar Fund Manager describes the Q1 results:

On January 28, 2021, the Robinhood retail trade platform prevented clients from purchasing certain stocks & forced them to liquidate winning positions. For more, read this story.

Yesterday, January 28, 2021 was a difficult day for retail trade customers of the trading platform Robinhood. In its mission statement, Robinhood proclaimed their vision that “.” It seems that investors and customers were duped.

After a meteoric rise in stocks such as GME and AMC, both largely driven by the Wall Street Bets reddit community, Robinhood announced that it would restrict clients to only sell their positions in these stocks. …

The December 2020 cover of SkyBridge’s Investor Deck which can be downloaded here.

Anthony Scaramucci infamously arrived on the public scene as the short-lived White House Communications Director (11 days). With a background that includes the EXIM bank, Goldman Sachs and the Kennedy Center Foundation, the Mooch now proudly bears the banner of a top tier Bitcoin Fund Manager.

Any organization that seeks to increase public awareness about cryptocurrency is one we support, but we also want to use SkyBridge Capital as an example to highlight the privacy benefits of the Templar Fund:

The Templar Fund is very much a new concept to the general public, so we often get questions about how the fund actually works. To make it easy, here is an example using actual data so you can see the power of compound interest & anonymous profits if you had traded with us in 2019.

Meet Investor X

Since 2018 the Templar Fund has assisted hundreds of clients to not only earn fantastic returns on equity, but to also improve their financial privacy. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the Templar Fund can play a vital role in protecting your personal financial integrity.

Reason 1: You are completely anonymous to us

DEC 31, 2020 (New York City, NY) — Today the Templar Fund announced 2020 Q4 earnings of 30.124% and non-compounded 2020 annual earnings of 74.050%.

In the Q4 Earnings Report, the Templar Fund Manager describes the Q4 results:

What is the purpose of a market?

Ask this question and you’ll often hear the same answer: “to find the most efficient price for an item” or “to act as a barometer for stability.”

Ask this question to a Hedge Fund Manager, such as ours, and you’ll hear this answer: “to create opportunities to profit without requiring a proportional amount of manual or difficult labor.”

When further pressed on this issue, our Fund Manager (who remains anonymous) explains:

Templar Fund Earnings data from November 21, 2018 through September 30, 2020

Today the Templar Fund announced quarterly (2020 Q3) earnings of 19.323%. Every $1,000 invested on November 21, 2018 is now worth $2,539.52 (before fees).

The Templar Fund is a privately managed digital asset hedge fund built upon the Ether blockchain. Issuing its own stablecoin known as TEMP (more than $105,000,000 in circulation), the Templar Fund provides investors a blockchain-transparent trade option. Every trade that is made by the Templar Fund, as well as every deposit, dividend payment and redemption can be seen by anyone on the ETH blockchain. Additionally, investment is fully collateralized by the TEMP token and is insured…

The Templar Fund was the world’s first fully transparent digital asset hedge fund. Launched to the public in November 2018, the fund made history by offering worldwide investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of professional asset management without the requirement of traditional KYC (know-your-customer) hurdles.

In its early stages the Templar Fund traded only one digital asset (Bitcoin) on the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (known as “BitMEX”). Acting as a high frequency market maker, the Templar Fund achieved earnings of 20.471% during 2018 Q4.

The figure above was the fund’s reporting earnings during the period of November 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

Exploding on to the scene with such positive earnings turned heads amongst institutional investors and…

Templar Fund

The world’s first blockchain transparent hedge fund that protects investors against loss using a stablecoin. Since 2018 we’ve earned investors 149.738% net ROE.

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